We Bought A Bike!

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Well we bought a bike!

Here’s what we got – 1986 Kawasaki Concours (GTR1000) 1000cc Sport Touring motorcycle.

We use to ride a long time ago- about 19 years ago in fact. The coincidence is that our oldest child, Jacob, will be 19 in October, imagine that!

It might not be fancy but it is oh so much fun! And we are having a great time exploring the area around us.

I grew up in small town Ontario so of course there were a couple of motorcycles in the drive house. The only problem was that I didn’t ride them I was only a passenger.

It wasn’t until I met my husband, Andy, that I spent any real time on a bike. We had a bike (Yamaha XJ750) before the kids arrived. However, after the kids came along we just didn’t have time to ride anymore so we sold it. There’s nothing worse than a bike sitting and not being ridden!

Fast forward twenty years and we were once again cruising around on two wheels. Almost five years later and the only thing that’s changed is I now ride my own bike. If only I had understood how awesome it was to ride my own bike I would have done this years ago.


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