Another Day Trip

Let me start off by saying – Why didn’t we get a bike years ago!

Andy and I are having so much fun on the bike. Although we haven’t gone for a huge long ride we have been doing lots of day trips. Which has actually been great because we are getting to know our area rather well I must admit and the countryside views are amazing.

This past weekend we took the Monday and rode through Guelph on to Elora and then to our friends new B&B (Old Bridge Place aka the Kissing Bridge). We had to make a little bit stop in Guelph to wait out some rain but even that was fun. You see it never fails when you’re on a bike someone will come up and start talking to you and this stop was no different. We got chatting with a guy that was 75 and still rides regularly which we both thought was pretty awesome.

Our first stop was in Elora to see the Elora Gorge which I’d never seen before. It’s beautiful! if you’re ever in the area make sure you take the time to stop. from there we headed to the Kissing Bridge in West Montrose. Again if you’re near it take the time to go see it.

By the time we left it was starting to get late so we didn’t wonder too much on the way home. After all, we have a couple of teenagers waiting at home and we knew that before long the text “are you coming home for dinner”was going to arrive. Thankfully we have to very capable kids that cook for us every once in a while. Yes, we are fortunate for sure.

If you want to see the route we took you can view it here

Now for some pictures………….


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