Bancroft Brew Pub

As you know – We love to eat good food! The Bancroft Brew Pub did not disappoint. We were a little sad that we didn’t get to try the local beer however. As much as we wanted to we are sticklers for not drinking and riding. Hell when we’re riding early the next day we’re careful about drinking the night before as we both feel the risk isn’t worth it.


I grew up in this area and for years have heard stories about the area hotels. I didn’t visit that many of them before I left home so decided that on our Ride The Highlands tour we would try to visit a few. The Bancroft Brew Pub use to be the hotel. Mind you with the updates you wouldn’t know it was the old hotel if it wasn’t for the little bits of history mementos spread out throughout the restaurant.

Andy and I both opted for a burger and fries, surprise surprise, and they were so good. Both were made from scratch and just so good. I’m not going to lie the gravy for my fries tasted like rink gravy and for those of you that don’t know rink gravy it is so frigin good – it’s a huge compliment.


This weekend we had heat warning upon heat warning and well we were feeling the heat. What goes well with a hot day – and ice cold beer! Seeing as we were on the bikes and had a couple more hours of riding ahead of we decided to forego the local craft beer and chose a Budweiser Prohibition brew non-alcoholic beer in a frosty glass (which was really good). After dinner we visited the brewery and store next door and had a great chat with the owner.  All said that when we are back in town we will definitely visit both places again.


Name: Bancroft Brew Pub

Location: 4 Bridge St West, Bancroft, ON

What we Ate: Cheese Burger, Fries and Non- Alcoholic Beer

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