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We’re a little late in getting out this weeks Crush and Covet as it’s been a busy week with our new little guy and appointments.

Last week we told you about our new little riding buddy Gibson. Since we’ve gotten him there has been lots of talk about riding with him this summer, what we need, what we want and research that needs to be done. We are realizing that there’s a little more to this whole idea that just getting a carrier and going.


It should be no surprise that we are completely crushing on Gibson/Gibby. We are realizing every day that he’s a smart little guy that loves to entertain. He goes goes goes and then collapses – so he’s fitting in well around here. I’m trying to take him as many places as possible with me so he gets use to the motion of the vehicle as well as socializing him. We’ve also looked in to some training for him but he’s still a little too young.

Once the weather gets a little nicer we will take him out and sit on and start the bike just so he can get use to it. Hopefully we can decide on a carrier soon so he can also spend some time just sitting in it and getting use to it. The other thing we’ve been told to do is get him some goggles sooner rather than later so that he can start wearing them and gets use them – which leads me into this weeks covet!


Image from RexSpecs website

While introducing Gibson on our instagram one of our followers told us about RexSpecs and we’ve been coveting them ever since – thanks @lordsanzo84 for the tip.

We knew that we needed protective eyewear for Gibson. After-all, we wouldn’t ride without eye proaction so why should he! Goggles for a dog helps keep any kind of debris out of his eyes as well as offers protection from the wind. These goggles come with a set of two lens so you can have one tinted and one clear because just like us dogs are also are susceptible to harmful UV rays that can severely damage their eyes.

We’ve been doing a lot of reading on them because we want to make the best choice possible and don’t want to buy something because of the way they look. Everything that we read has been positive and it seams that dogs and their owners seem to love these goggles. The only reason that we haven’t bought them yet is we’re worried that what fits him now won’t fit him later and well be don’t want to have to buy a second pair as they aren’t that cheap. Another worry of ours is that like us, Gibson accumulates way too much gear!

Image from RexSpec Website

If you ride with your pet and have something that you love and/or works well please leave a comment below and let us know – this is a whole new thing for us.

ps. it should also not surprise any of you that Gibson now has his own Instagram 🙂

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  1. Roni Clark

    I would suggest that you purchase a cheaper but quality pair for training and getting used to riding and then they won’t be as hard to part with when he grows, runs his face on the sidewalk to get them off or they get lost of broken. I have a yorkie that has been riding with me for 9 years this summer…. we bought doggles… because at the time that was pretty much all there was on the market. We trained following the instructions and Charlie is very used to them now. BUT…. I must have gone through 3 pairs in the first year of his life…. he did rub is face on the sidewalk trying to take them off…. he chewed a pair…. cause he was a puppy and I didn’t put them away when we got home… and then he grew…. so to help you save a bit of money… getting him used to something similar in the right size for him now…. that you can afford to have him out grow or destroy might be the best plan…. and an added bonus is that if you have your dog wear eye protection… they will be far less likely to have eye issues as they age…. this came from my vet… not the goggle add! Wishing you all may safe and happy years on the road together!!

    • CL

      Hi Roni, thanks so much for your feedback. That’s a great idea about starting out with inexpensive ones because of how they’ll be treated. Seeing as he already likes to chew I can’t see goggles being any different. Our vet is very curious about the whole riding with a dog and didn’t have any suggestions as he said he hasn’t come across it before. Hopefully we can get together and ride with our “boys” once the nice weather arrives.

      • Ronda Clark

        I look forward to doing this with you and Gibby! My vet didn’t have much experience with it… but we both learned in time and when I moved she sent all his files to the new vet so they knew all about him! It blows their minds when we go for the yearly check up!!

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