We got a new riding partner!

Meet Gibson, Gibby, our sweet boy. He’s a Foxy Rat Terrier that will grow to roughly 10lbs. We’ve had him for almost two weeks now and we are completely in love with him. He loves to snuggle and entertain. Just like any new parent we can’t get over how cute and smart he is lol.

As the months pass, man I’ve really started disliking the winter months, we will be working on things to get Gibson ready to ride this summer. So far we have a little travel bag so that we can take him in the car and into place with us. My friend Roni advised us to take him as many places as possible as it will get him use to the motion as well as socializing with all the people. One thing that I’ve notice about taking him places is that it’s never a quick trip because everybody wants to see him – told you he was cute 🙂

If you want to keep up on how we and Gibby are doing make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss anything as we try and find him goggles and a carrier that he likes. Also if you ride with your pet and have any pointers leave us a comment below and let us in on your secrets 🙂