We’ve ridden the Ontario Highlands a few times but it was after a trip last year that I saw Ride the Highlands post a photo of LetterKenny Road and I’ve been wanting to ride it since that day.

This past weekend I rode to Ottawa to visit a friend and instead of riding straight back to my Dad’s I arranged to meet up with two girls that I’d met a couple years back. I mentioned LetterKenny road and their faces light up so I knew then that it must be good.

It was everything I expected it to be – Lots of hills and curves and beautiful scenery all around. The nice part is that it wasn’t busy so I could take my time and soak it all in and thankfully the three ladies (we picked up another riding friend in Calabogie) were very much about riding your own ride and taking all the time I wanted.

  • Distance: 18.5KM
  • Time: 17m
  • Road Condition: Good (Paved)
  • Attractions: None on the road it's self.