Sena 10C Pro & 10S Communicators

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In January we attended the Toronto Motorcycle Super Show and of course we went with a list, when you’re done laughing it’ll be easier to finish reading so please make your time! On that list we had;

  • Vstar 1300 Haynes manual
  • Yamaha hat/shirt
  • CL knife (pocket)
  • MG sign for garage
  • Yamaha sign for Garage
  • Rain pants (Andy)
As you can guess – we came home with none of that stuff!

One thing that we did however come home with was a new Communicator system. We’ve been using the Scala Q3 Multi Set system and it had been working ok for us. We bought the new ones because we wanted to add another camera to our kit. A camera that was always ready to go and that would be on Andy’s bike – although switching the GoPro around isn’t hard we just never do it. Seeing as I’d really like to do more video this year I liked that we wouldn’t have to mic up Andy’s helmet as well.

Yesterday was our first ride with the new communicators and they were really great. The sound was so so good. We’ll spend some time with the C10 Pro and get the camera dialled in but I think for what we want this is going to work great!

Andy installed them on my Schuberth C3 Pro Women’s helmet and his T-1 Full Face Torc Helmet. Installation seemed to be standard and no issues. He used the glued mounting adapter instead of the clip on both helmets and it works fine. For Andy’s communicator he has two apps to use one for the camera that lets him fine tune its settings as well as he can preview images and videos. There’s also the headset app that lets us configure our settings. The last thing that we did was pair the units and it was pretty simple too.

Our first impression is that we are very happy with these. We had read some reviews talking about once you’re at highway speeds the volume decreases but I think those are talking about the older speakers as the speakers have just got an upgrade. Seeing as it is still only February in Canada we didn’t try these out on the highway yet but once we do I’ll come back and edit this post and let you know how they are.

The video below is just a quick little clip so you can hear the clarity as well as see the camera capabilities. As an added note Andy’s won’t use his windshield for summer daytime rides but when he does use it – it will need to be cleaned and polished for every ride lol


Info about the 10C Pro from Sena’s website;

  • Equipped with upgraded 2k motorcycle helmet camera specifications
  • shoots in crisp QHD (1440p/30fps or 1080p 30/60fps)
  • resolution of 3.7 MP (16:9) and an increased 135 degree field of view
  • features Smart Audio Mix™
    • mixes audio from the intercom and music from your smartphone straight into your video.
    • Turn on the Speaker Sound Recording setting if you want to record music and intercom conversations on your video.
    • Turn off this setting if you want to record your voice only.

The downside of buying this new system is that I didn’t not like our other system and at the end of last season we had purchased additional headsets so we could use our communicators with all of our helmets and now I don’t think I want to use our other system. Andy also wants to use the camera as much as he can while riding – which will be amazing when we travel through Gaspesie this summer. I also don’t know if communicators are something that people buy used but I think I’m about to find out lol.



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