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Is it time to ride yet? How about now? Now?? Come on winter- it’s time you move your ass along down the road. We have places to go and people to see!

It’s no secret that we get out and ride as much as we possible can. That includes a lot of nights after work during the week and pretty much every weekend. We are one of those couples that during riding season it’s hard to get us to go anywhere – unless we can ride our bikes to do it!

We have seen more of Ontario from the seat of our bikes then we have by car. I’m not sure if it’s that the kids were smaller and we spent holidays driving from either Montreal or Ottawa to visit family in Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario and Atlantic Canada or what but what we do know is that we are loving discovering new areas.

Two summers ago was the first we’d done an overnight trip on the bike and then last summer we met family in Kincardine for Canada Day and spent a couple of days riding the coast of the Bruce and over to Collingwood. There are times that we head out for a day trip and I feel like we’re riding, riding, riding to get there, tagging up at the big rock and turning around and riding, riding, riding home. I grew up in small town Ontario and as much as I love riding through them I want to stop and explore as well. This summer we’ve decide that we’re going to do more overnight trips so we can enjoy the areas.

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This summer we are planning our first long trip -up the Bruce, around Manitoulin, than up to Salt Ste Marie and on to Wawa. We love Northern Ontario and other than our trip to New Liskard for The Bikers Reunion a couple summers ago we haven’t seen much of it from a motorcycle seat and we’d like to change that.

Some of the weekend/smaller trips we’re hoping to do this summer;

We always seem to ride the same places and this year we really want to explore our beautiful province even more.

One of the tools that we found and are loving is from the Ontario Travel website. It’s an Interactive Online Touring Tool you make an account, which is free, and you’re all ready to explore routes throughout Ontario. The think that we love is you can click the construction button so you have a good idea how many zones you’re going to hit on your trip. Also seeing as Andy’s bike has a small gas tank it’s nice that it shows where the gas stations are. With our Northern Ontario trip this will be a really handy feature.


Eat Sleep Ride (ESR) app is another tool we will use over the summer. If you’ve looked at our maps page you’ll know that after we ride we have to go back and recreate our route in Google Maps and it’s not a great system. ESR will allow us to share our routes without going back and recreating it. It’ll also allow us to document all stops and add photos that we took along the way. So much better. Seeing as I plan to ride a little more on my own this summer I also like the built in safety features. Being able to use it on my watch is just an added bonus!

From the ESR app


EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS is the social, ride tracking and safety app for motorcycle riders. Solo or in a group, ride like a local and explore shared motorcycle routes nearby. Visualize your data and always use protection with CRASHLIGHT® to help you ride better. Roam free!

– Over 3,000+ motorcycle roads available world-wide and growing
– Upload and download GPX files

– Choose your safety team; subscribe in-app for crash detection and share your location in the event of an emergency

– Save unlimited rides
– Log your speed, distance, elevation and lean

– Create a ride group and see their location on a map
– Always control your privacy, turn visibility On or Off

– See how you stack up, join a global challenge to win gear for doing what you love

– With Apple Watch you can log your ride, share your location and use CRASHLIGHT®

– Need help? Me > Settings > Get Support or email us:
– New features are released regularly
– Requires GPS Location Services to be turned ON!
– Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
– Thanks for making EatSleepRIDE possible


Do you have any trips planned for the summer or are you a wherever the wind takes you kinda person?

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