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Hey all you motorcycle fiends. I understand that the winter has been long for all of us. Here in Ontario, we have to hear about our southern friends getting on their bikes for rides while we stare out the windows waiting for the last gasps of winter. We even argue with each other about how rarely we should get out to avoid the ice and salt that are slowly disappearing from our roads.

Well, good news! Even if old man winter is not ready to let go, we can get a taste of the upcoming season and feed our hunger for all things motorcycle. The Spring Motorcycle Show is coming up on April 7th and 8th at the International Centre in Toronto and Backroads Motos is giving away two entrance tickets to a lucky couple/pals/pair/whoever you want to go with really.

Now I must confess that this was the first year I started to go to the Bike shows in Toronto. Now that my wife is on her own bike, going to the shows is more of an “us” thing than a “me” thing. Before it was harder to get excited when it was just me going. Now that we go together and even go with a few other people it is a lot more fun. The great thing is that we are all looking for different things. I’m looking to update a few pieces of gear like new boots, gloves and maybe a jacket. But seeing the new bikes and offerings from all the manufacturers just gets me more excited for the season. Even if you’re not buying today or this season, everybody loves to see the new bikes and the wide range of offerings from all the manufacturers.

So enter to win these tickets and let us know when you will be there and we can meet up, because you can be darn sure that CL and I will be there, sitting on bikes and rooting through the vendors for that next piece of gear that we can’t wait to try out.


Please use the form below to enter as that will be where the winner is drawn. Other than sharing your name and email with The Spring Motorcycle show your email will never be used/given away/sold for a damn thing!


We were given two tickets from the Spring Motorcycle Show for our giveaway but as always – all thoughts  opinions are our own.
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    • CL

      Us to Alfred! We are looking forward to seeing the “barn find” section and for me personally- the Women in Motorcycling area.

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